AS 350 B

AS 350 B

AS 350B, powered with a Turbomeca Ariel 1B engine of 641 shp, has a proven track record. It’s flexibility and low acquisition cost has made it a very sought-after helicopter to perform a wide range of missions (passenger transport, aerial work, firefighting medevac’d………. etc.)

This aircraft is specially known for its passenger transport activity such as business and tourist flights. Its spacious and comfortable cabin can accommodate up to 5 passengers. its wide cabin with panoramic view ensures optimum visibility for all the passengers and the crew. The AS 350B is also an excellent utility helicopter able to carry under – slung loads of more than 750kg (1660lb).

Thanks to its high useful load, it is well suited to all mission requiring various mission equipment for police, medical transport and/or utility operation…….

A single aircraft is able to complete various missions even in the same day thanks to its very short reconfiguration time (less than one hour).


The AS-350B ECUREUIL and its integrated fire fighting system offer the following advantages:

  • Dropping capability up to 830 liters water
  • Good accuracy and efficiency
  • Easy water refill
  • External belly mounted tank capacity
  • Refill pump hydraulically driven
  • Access of mountain areas where fixed wing aircraft cannot operate
  • From various water points ( TANKS, RIVERS, PONDS)
  • Without the help of external supply means and personnel

Relief Work

THE AS-350B will also include emergency FOOD, WATER and MEDICINE supply at flood areas.
Police and Public Security Missions

Maintaining law and order


Seeking and tracking criminals, smugglers drug dealers, etc., thanks to its:

  1. Excellent cockpit visibility
  2. Increased Maneuverability
  3. High speed

Combating terrorism and organized crime because it can :

  1. Transport or drop specialize intervention teams (up to 5 commandoes)
  2. Surveying and controlling crowds
  3. Traffic monitoring & reporting

AS 350 B Ecureuil Technical information

Length (rotor rotating) 42.45ft
Height 10.30ft
Width (blades folded) 8.30ft
Main rotor diameter 35.07ft
Tail rotor diameter 6.10ft
Maximum weight, Normal 4,960lb
Maximum weight, with external 5,512lb
Empty weight 2,561lb


1 Pilot + 5/6 Passengers or 2,561lb with sling.
Comfortable & Air-conditioned cabin room.

Power Plant:

1 TURBOMECA ARRIEL 1B turbine engine
Maximum power……………………………..

Performance at max. gross weight (ISA):
Maximum Speed (Vne) 155 kts
Cruise Speed at SL 133 kts
Rate of climb at SL 1,675ft
Min.Normal RPM 386
Maximum Fuel Capacity 534 ltr
Cargo Capacity 35.29 cft/1500kg